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Parenting Books (for the parent)

These are great books that will support your growth as a parent.

The Whole-Brain Child will give you practical insight on how the brain works and how to best communicate with your child.

Karyn Purvis is a pioneer of the Trust-Based Relational Intervention Model. The Connected Child is a great book to understand how to heal children from hard places.

Another great installment from Daniel Siegel. In No-Drama Discipline he help parents develop a great method of correcting the behavior of their children.

Parenting Books (for the child)

Here are some excellent books to assist in developing a child.

The Invisible String helps a child understand separation (adoption, reunification, grief and loss, etc.).

A Child’s First Book About Play Therapy will prepare a child to engage play therapy.

The Feeling Good Book is a fun book to encourage the development of an emotional vocabulary.

The Family Book celebrates the love we feel for our families and all the different varieties they come in.

It’s Okay to Be Different cleverly delivers the important messages of acceptance, understanding, and confidence in an accessible, child-friendly format.

The Goodbye Book reminds readers that it’s okay not to know all the answers, and that someone will always be there to support them.

Calm Down Kit (Ages 2-12)

Use these items to help your child learn to self-regulate and calm down. 


Play-Doh is basic necessity. There is nothing like the feel and smell of play-doh to remind your child of the good times.

Emoji Ballons

Blow them up to practice deep breathing or used them to develop an emotional vocabulary.

Water Beads

Allow these beads to sit in water and they will grow into very soft beads. Put those beads in a deflated ballon and you got yourself a stress ball. (Good for parents too)


Bubbles are always a great go-to for promoting deep breathing and… general distraction.

Pin Wheels

This is another creative way to get your child to practice deep breathing. Get oxygen to the brain!


Jewelry for a child that constantly needs to have something in their mouth.

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