Who am I?


In order of importance:


I am a son.

I am whole.

I am an offering.

I am a bridge.

I am an implementer.  

Because of God, I am a son

All the moving pieces in my life have one purpose: to make me understand that I am God’s son.

Life is never about how much I can do, how many followers I can gather or how much money I can make. Life is always about knowing who I am as a son in God’s House. Everything else I do or say is an expression of that sonship.


Because of my wife, I am a whole

My personal wholeness is connected to a dynamic and ever growing relationship with my wife. Wholeness is an evolving goal that I achieve as the love, friendship, and partnership with my wife evolves. What makes wholeness so fulfilling is that I do not need outside forces to make me feel valid. Everything I need is in the endearing relationship that I share with my wife.


Because of my sons,  I am an offering

“Because I love you, I will give men for your life.” – God  (Isaiah 43:4 NIV)

Truth: God loves my sons more than I could imagine. For that reason, my life is meant for the purpose of raising my boys into men.

My responsibility is to infuse them with strength, love, and wisdom. Then give them back to God to do the same for their children. My boys are meant to get the best of my life’s offerings, not the leftovers.


Because of you, I am a bridge

My life is a bridge that is meant to give you a path to being a better you.

Besides the definers I described above, here are the reasons I believe I can be a bridge for you:

  • 15 years experience working with Foster and Adoptive Parents
  • Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Director of Clinical Services at 4KIDS of South Florida
  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention Parent Educator
  • Circle of Security Parent Educator
  • Child and Parent Psychotherapy Reflective Practice Clinician
  • Adoption Competency Clinician Trainer


Because of life, I am an implementer

Here are some of the awesome things I get to build and implement in my life.

Archer Home Designs a furniture and home decor business my wife and I built together

Ntebo Archer Photography my talented wife’s photography business

Anchorpoint Family Services my private therapy practice

4KIDS of South Florida my work with a ministry that is driven to provide a home for every child

Congress WBN– a faith-based non-profit organization that sets the pace for my life’s efforts

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