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Changing an Adolescent (changing behavior pt 8)

Story Time! At the young age of 10, I was competing in one of the most cut-throat tournaments ever held in my 4th-grade class. The game? Checkers.   As I was working my way up the ladder towards victory, two

A Father’s Greatest Fear

He let us down again.   I received a call from a friend of mine. He asked, “Would you please pray for my family? He shared, “My 63-year-old dad lost his job today and we are in a very difficult

Changing a Toddler (changing behavior pt 7)

Toddler problems Toddlers are a real problem for me. I mean it. As a Clinical director of an agency that cares for hundreds of children at a time, the number one referral I get is for the quintessential 3-year-old that

Changing an Infant (changing behavior pt 6)

We have come a looooong way… So far, we have walked through 5 posts that teaches you the work involved in changing an individual. Here are the main statements we have made so far:   Change is possible- it is

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